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15 Nov


VAT Return
Tax Reporting of Free Industrial Zone Enterprise
Computation of fees for the use of natural resources (Information on accounting period as well as on deadline for filing tax computation can be found here)
Monthly Profit Tax Return
Enterprise/organisation pays property tax on taxable land
Excise Return
Return of tax withheld at source
Information on charging VAT in certain cases of sale of goods
A computation of reverse charge VAT amount by a person not registered as a VAT Taxpayer
Customs Assistant

Announcement on initiating the selection process of a person providing mandatory marking in material and immaterial form

The Legal Entity of Public Law under the Ministry of Finance of Georgia - the Revenue Service (hereinafter - the Revenue Service) in accordance with the legislation of Georgia, commences the selection process to choose the person providing service of mandatory marking in material and immaterial form in Georgia.





Information on the selection of a person providing mandatory marking services

The LEPL Revenue Service is conducting a selection process to identify the person providing the mandatory marking service in the tangible and intangible form in Georgia.


The preferential terms of payment of the Revenue Service service fee will come into force on September 25, 2021

​​​​​​​We would like to remind you that with the significant change made in the Resolution №96 of the Government of Georgia of March 30, 2010, from September 25 of the current year,


Submitting the calculation of the fee for the use of natural resources at the time of leasing the license/its part

​​​​​​​An amendment was made to the instruction approved by the Order N996 “on Tax Administration” of the Minister of Finance of Georgia of December 31, 2010.