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Change of services received in Tbilisi Service Centers

​​​​​​​We would like to inform you that starting from February 1 of this year, you will be able to receive services/register applications for the following services only by visiting Service Center N 1 in Tbilisi (address: Sarajishvili Street #1, Tbilisi):


Information about the implementation of the rule of non-commercial movement of domestic animals on the customs border of Georgia

​​​​​​​From January 1, 2023, the Resolution N551 of the Government of Georgia "On Approval of the Rules for Non-Commercial Movement of Domestic Animals at the Customs Border of Georgia” will enter into force. In particular,


Amendment to the Tax Code of Georgia

An amendment was made to the Tax Code of Georgia, by which Articles 702 and 2792 were added to the Code.


Amendment to the Tax Code of Georgia

An amendment has been made to Article 286 of the Tax Code of Georgia (transportation, sale, and accounting of goods without documents), which will come into effect on March 15, 2023.


Change regarding the special rule for using tax invoices

According to the order of the Revenue Service No. 30813 of December 7 of this year, an amendment is being made to the order of the Revenue Service No. 3751 of February 16, 2022 "On approving the instruction on limiting the right to issue/confirm tax invoices, tax documents and waybills for taxpayers in separate cases, and determining the special rules for using electronic tax invoices issued by taxpayers".


Information regarding the monthly declaration of profit tax for the reporting period of March

​​​​​​​According to the order N996 of the Minister of Finance of Georgia dated December 31, 2010, it is mandatory for taxpayers: to submit the approved monthly profit tax declaration (Appendix No. II-086) and to fill out graphs in Part III, Appendix No. 2 "Balance of commodity-material values and fixed assets", "Balance of commodity-material values at the end of the year" and "Balance of fixed assets at the end of the year".


Public decisions made by the Ministry of Finance

In accordance with Article 46​1 of the Tax Code of Georgia and based on the analysis of the current practice of taxation of taxpayers by the tax authority, the following public decisions of the Ministry of Finance were made:


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Facts of the illegal storage and transportation of tobacco products not subject to excise duties see a 55% increase in 2022


Heads of the Revenue Service held another business meeting with the representatives of the Revenue Committee of the Republic of Armenia


Cargoes of plant origin at the Kazbegi customs checkpoint were subject to return to the exporting country

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