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Customs crossing points operate on a limited schedule for passengers

On behalf of the Revenue Service of the Ministry of Finance please be informed that for the purposes of prevention the threat of spreading the new coronavirus (COVID-19) and ensuring the better management, the Interagency Coordination Council has taken the decision that the border crossing rules of Georgia to be subject to the stricter system.

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Secretary General of the World Customs Organization thanked the customs administrations of the member states for their cooperation

For the purpose of combating the spread of the new coronavirus, facilitation the international trade and ensuring the stability of shipment of goods, the Revenue Service of the Ministry of Finance, as the member state, actively continues its cooperation with the World Customs Organization (WCO).




In accordance with the Article 44, paragraph 6 of the Tax Code of Georgia and the Order of the Minister of Finance of Georgia N996 on Tax Administration, on the webpage is posted a list of documents determining obligations.


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Cash Register

Is natural person conducting realisation of agricultural products obligated or not to use cash register?

Micro Business

What kind of tax return is submitted by person whose micro business status is cancelled during current year and he/she is transferred to ordinary taxation regime?

Income Tax

Will a grant received by a natural person charged with income tax?