Information update date: 11 May 2012

Export control of Dual-use goods

‘dual-use items’ shall mean items, including software and technology, which can be used for both civil and military purposes, and shall include all goods which can be used for both non-explosive uses and assisting in any way in the manufacture of nuclear weapons or other nuclear explosive devices.
The movement of Dual-Use Items on the territory of Georgia is regulated by special permit.
List of Dual-Use goods, which is subject of export and import control:


  • In attachment N1 products listed in highlighted tables are the subject of export control.  Besides, permits issued by the Ministry of Economic and Sustainable Development or by the Georgia Revenue Service are obligatory for the export and re-export for the above-mentioned products.
  • Permits for export, import, re-export and transit for products listed in highlighted tables in attachment N 2 are  issued by the Ministry of Economic and Sustainable Development or by Georgia Revenue Service on the basis of recommendation of permanent commission on Military-Technical issues. 
  • In the non- highlighted tables names of divisions, groups, and sub-groups of commodity headings are mentioned to simplify the use of content.
  • The clarification for the identification of products is provided in accordance with EC council regulations (EC) N 1334/2000 and  (EC) N 428/2009
  • Commodity Codes and their clarifications are based on the order N 995, December 31, 2010 of the Minister of Finance of Georgia on National Commodity Nomenclature for Foreign-Economic Activities based on the 2007 redaction of “The International Convention on the Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System".
Basic regulatory normative acts:
  • LAW OF GEORGIA on Export Control of Armaments, Military Equipment and Dual-Use Products
  • Decree of the President of Georgia N 408,  September 22, 2002 “on Certain Measures for Settlement of Issues on Export, Re-export and Transit of Dual-Use materials Subject to Export Control,
  • The Resolution of the Government of Georgia N451, December 1, 2011 “on Authorization and the Authorization form for Export, Import, Re-export and Transit for Dual-use goods”