The fact of using the forged transport documentation was prevented by the Revenue Service of the Ministry of Finance


According to the Customs Department of the Revenue Service of the Ministry of Finance, 5 units of specialized freight vehicles were brought to the customs checkpoint at “Poti and Kulevi Sea Ports and Poti Free Industrial Zone”. Customs officers issued vehicle registration certificates on 3 units of freight vehicles to carry out the relevant registration procedures.

As a result of the inspection of 2 units of vehicles, it was found that they needed a special mandatory permission.

It should be noted that by an authorized representative of the carrier company, the vehicles indicated in the already submitted permits did not have sufficient capacity to transport the abovementioned cargo; due to the fact, they were given an explanation that together with the vehicles with the appropriate cargo capacity, present a permit issued in accordance with the requirements established by the Law of Georgia on Traffic.

Re-examination of the submitted documentation revealed that the new permit number corresponded exactly to the previous permit registration number and only the vehicle numbers were changed.

The authorities of the Customs Department, on the basis of suspicion, verified the information with the relevant administrative body issuing the permit in order to establish the authenticity of the issued document as a result, it was determined that the abovementioned permit had not been issued by them.

The case materials were handed over to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia for further response. The investigation is underway under the Article 362 of the Criminal Code of Georgia, which stipulates the submission and use of a forged documentation.


Revenue Service of the Ministry of Finance

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სექტემბერი 2020