Statement of the Revenue Service of the Ministry of Finance


The Revenue Service of the Ministry of Finance calls on the employer companies to comply with the Government Resolution and timely submit the required information to enable the payment of compensations to contract employees in a due time.  

Within the framework of the Program for the Support of the Affected by the New Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic, a Resolution N286 was amended by the Government of Georgia to expand the number of beneficiary categories. Specifically, persons eligible to claim compensations are as follows: contract employees, including persons who are on maternity leave for being pregnant, or for having given birth or adopted a newborn, or who worked under contract for at least one month of the first three months (January, February, March) of 2020 and were paid salaries and Whose employment was suspended or terminated before 1 June 2020

Further, we would like to clarify again that any contract employee, whose employment was suspended or terminated prior to 1 June 2020 and who meets the requirements of the Government Resolution, will be eligible to claim for the compensation. Besides, the deadline (20th day of the month) for filing applications by employer companies has extended only with respect to May, until 30 May (included). The Revenue Service has already notified 46 753 business entities of the aforesaid amendments.

Moreover, through the mobilization of respective staff of the Revenue Service, direct telephone communication is ongoing with 22 000 employers, who have submitted withholding tax declarations but have not yet, or have incorrectly (indicating fewer employees than in the declaration already submitted) filed applications on compensation beneficiaries.

For any further information, please, check the Revenue Service website at: or go to the new software portal at:, which gives customers an access to the registry of compensation beneficiaries.

For the electronic-application form for the payment of compensations and filling-in rules, please check the links at:

For additional details, please, contact the Information call-Centre (T: 2 299 299) of the Revenue Service, or reach us via e-mail at:


Revenue Service of the Ministry of Finance of Georgia

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მაისი 2020